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Children’s health is always the top concern for parents. In addition, financial preparation for children is another tough task. 55% parents start saving before their kids turn 11. Cigna Health4Kids Premium Refundable Plan (“Health4Kids”) is a brand new solution that offers your children with comprehensive healthcare protection and wealth accumulation with guaranteed returns.

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Up to 118% cash value of your basic premium paid2 upon maturity


Cover 16 children critical illnesses including cancer and coronary diseases


Annual coverage on preventive care expenses, including vision and oral health, vaccinations and health check-up, to help you monitor your kids’ health and development


Up to HKD $1,500 daily hospital cash benefit during your children’s hospital confinement


If you purchase this plan before the age of 51 but unfortunately pass away due to a covered critical illness or an accident, or become totally disabled for 6 months consecutively, your children will continue to receive protection without having to pay future premiums until the policy matures.

3 plan levels with different values of benefits, facilitating flexible planning depending on your family’s needs.


Outpatient Benefit

Covers visits to a general practitioner, specialist, Chinese medicine practitioner, and acupuncturist, as well as prescribed western medicine, and diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests etc.

Issue Age3

Plan 1 : 15 days to Age 5

Plan 2 and 3 : 15 days to age 9

Policy Term4

Plan 1 : Until age 15

Plan 2 and 3 : Until age 19

Payment Term

Basic Benefits Plan 1 : Annually until age 11

Basic Benefits Plan 2 and 3 : Annually until age 15

Optional Benefits : Payable every year, until the end of policy term

Maximum Cash Value upon maturity

Plan 1: Up to 113% of total premium paid on the Basic Benefits

Plan 2: Up to 115% of total premium paid on the Basic Benefits

Plan 3: Up to 118% of total premium paid on the Basic Benefits

Click here for detailed cash value table

Premium Structure

Basic Benefits: Level and guaranteed premium

Optional Outpatient Benefit: Yearly Adjustable

Waiting Period

Kids Critical Illness Benefit: 90 days

Hospital Cash: 30 days

Premium Waiver Benefit: 2 years


For detailed coverage amounts for each of the Benefits, please click here.


1. Source: The above information is extracted from Cigna’s Research of Children Health Development Concern and Saving by GfK Hong Kong, an independent market research company (data collected in December 2017)

2. Refers to total premium paid for Basic Benefits

3. Subsequent to the successful application of Basic Benefits, policyholder can also apply the Optional Benefits at least 30 days prior to the policy anniversary date within the policy term.

4. Optional Benefits shall be effective for an initial period of 12 months and shall be renewable annually. Cigna reserves the right to revise the terms of the Optional Benefits upon each policy anniversary date.

Terms & Conditions

Policyholder: Joanna

Age: 30

Person Insured: New born baby

Background: Joanna has just given birth to her new-born 2 months ago. She foresees the enormous expenditure required for her baby’s health development. On top of hospital insurance, she wants a medical plan that provides her child with comprehensive coverage, so she enrols on the Cigna Health4Kids Premium Refundable Plan.

Plan level: Cigna Health4Kids Premium Refundable Plan - Plan 3

Age 0: Plan purchased

Monthly Premium:

HK$2,962 (15-year premium payment term)

Age 0-3 : Vaccination

HK$1,000 x 4 years

Age 4 : Vision test


Age 5 : Hospitalization x 3 days

HK$1,500 x 3 days

Age 6 : Nutrition Test


Age 7-14 : Oral polishing & examination

HK $800 x 8 years

Age 15 : Total Basic Premium paid

HK $533,160, no further premium payment is required.

Age 16-18 :  Oral polishing & examination

HK$800 x 3 years

Age 19 :  Policy matures with 118% premium paid


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Health Plan Name

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Health Plan Name

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