VHIS Explained: Complete a Medical Claim in 5 Minutes With MyCigna
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VHIS Explained: Complete a Medical Claim in 5 Minutes With MyCigna

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There is a common perception that making a medical or hospitalisation claim from medical insurance is particularly hard and frustrating for many. While many insurance companies provide e-claim services, do you know the procedures and how long the process is? Making a claim is simple at Cigna with the e-claim service of MyCigna. You could get to know more about e-claiming under your VHIS policy.

Every medical plan has a benefit limit. However, it is expected that medical expenses exceed the limit when there is a medical emergency. For Cigna VHIS Series Flexi Plan (Superior), all eligible expenses incurred during treatment courses are covered with an annual benefit limit of HK$ 30 million.

Cigna makes claims simple. With MyCigna mobile app or log in at the portal, you could finish the claiming process in just three easy steps.

  1. Cigna’s policyholders can enter claim details on the MyCigna app or online portal.
  2. Upload photos of your related proofs and supporting documents.
  3. After the claim has been processed, we will reimburse you directly to your bank account.

When submitting a claim through MyCigna or the app, please have the below documents ready:

Hospitalisation / Medical Expenses

Hospital Cash / Income

  • Accident or Medical Expenses Doctor Form completed by your attending doctor
  • Medical Receipt(s)
  • Hospital statement of charges / invoice / bill with breakdown of charges
  • Hospital Discharge Summary or any document(s) issued by doctor/hospital with diagnosis proof
  • Identity card copy of the Policyholder
  • If you have submitted a claim to other insurer(s), please provide a copy of the relevant Compensation Breakdown
  • You will need to have your doctor complete an Accident or Medical Expenses Doctor Form (sample)
  • Statement of charges from the hospital/Hospital Invoice
  • Hospital Discharge Summary or Any documents issued by doctor/hospital with diagnosis
  • Identity card copy of the Policyholder

My Cigna offers fast, easy access for policy management. Customers can now use the portal or mobile app to make a claim anytime, anywhere.

  1. Download the app or log in on the portal
    • Smartphones and Tablets: Search “My Cigna” on Google Play or App Store to download the app
    • Desktop:Log into www.mycigna.com.hk
  2. Register or log in
    • Log in or register a new account on the portal
    • Register a new account with a few simple details, including your HKID number and date of birth
  3. Make a Claim
    • Choose “My Claim” at the homepage or at the bottom of the app home screen. From here, click “Make a Claim”
    • Choose the insured person and his or her plan
    • Fill in and confirm the bank account of the policyholder to receive the payment
    • Fill in and confirm the hospital and doctor’s information
    • Attach your supporting documents and email the hospitalisation form to yourself or directly to your doctor for processing
    • You may sign with an e-signature on your mobile or tablet
    • You will be contacted within two working days once your application is confirmed

Apart from VHIS, you could also use the e-claim service for claiming other plans.

  • Critical illness
  • Temporary or Permanent Disability/ Waiver of Premium
  • Outpatient / Maternity Cost
  • Long Term Medication-Hypertension Claim

While some insurers do not support e-claims of outpatient coverages, MyCigna offers you a secure online platform to handle all claims under VHIS and other policies.


MyCigna’s e-claim service makes claims simple and easy. With your mobile and e-medical card, you could enjoy cashless hospitalisation upon medical emergencies and focus on recovery. The new Cigna VHIS Series Flexi Plan (Superior) delivers the best combination of price, coverage and value-added services. you can rest assured that you can anticipate and afford every dollar of your medical expenses, making our voluntary health insurance plans the smartest choice. Click here to learn more.


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