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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I have an account for the access of the previous Cigna “Policy Enquiry” where I used to check my policy information, can I still use the existing username and password to access “My Cigna”?
A1: 1st April 2017 onward, existing Cigna “Policy Enquiry” users may access “My Cigna” by completing simple registration, through the new platform to access and manage the existing policy, including  access to the previous claims records.

Q2: I have both individual and group policy with Cigna.  Where should I login to access my policy information?
A2: Login “My Cigna”, you can access your policy information for both your individual and group policy.  “My Cigna” also allows you updating your personal information, submitting a new claim, or applying a new insurance policy.
Q3: Why I have to use “My Cigna”?  I prefer check my policy information via Customer Service Hotline or Financial Consultant which are more effective
A3: Cigna Customer Service Hotline and your Financial Consultant will continue to provide service to you.  The launch of “My Cigna” aims to provide one more platform for our policyholder to interact with us. 
Q4: Do I need to wait for the notification for registering “My Cigna”?
A4: Individual or group customer of Cigna may simply activate “My Cigna” service by using their HKID number and date of birth (DD/MMM/YYYY) to complete the registration.  There is no need to wait for the notification from Cigna.
Q5: I am a group customer of Cigna.  My group policy was effective on or before 31st March 2017.  Where should I login and access my policy information?
A5: You may continue to login “Cigna Group Portal” under “For Customers” to access your policy information.  Cigna will notify you about the registration arrangement of “My Cigna” upon the coming policy anniversary.
Q6: I am an employer and currently using Cigna Group Portal.  Do I need to shift to use “My Cigna” too?
A6: “My Cigna” is currently available for individual customers and employees and spouses whose group policy is effective on or after 1st Apr 2017. 
Q7: I forget my “My Cigna” login password, how can I get it reissued?
A7: At the login page, just simply click “Forget Password” button at the right hand side of the page, follow the instruction to provide the information, the password will reissue to you accordingly.