Gain access to virtual consultations as well as same-day medicine delivery at home
With just HK$100 enjoy your first virtual consultation with a general practitioner

Cigna’s virtual consultation and medication delivery service is here

Cigna understands that facing sickness is challenging to everyone. It is inevitable for us to visiting high-risk areas such as hospitals and clinics. But at the same time, our need for quality medical services has not lessened. Cigna Virtual Health Service provides timely access to medical advice and doctor consultations, with same-day medicine delivery at your fingertips. Scared of making the trip to a clinic and risking your health? Too busy or having trouble arranging a doctor’s visit? Cigna Virtual Health Service is your choice.

3 Simple Steps For Video Consultation

Download the app, fill in basic details, find a doctor and choose a consultation time. The app has an inbuilt video conference function to make sure your consultation and any information you provide is secured.

Virtual Consultation

Describe your symptoms, upload relevant photos and discuss with your preferred general practitioner or specialist using video conference. If the issue cannot be resolved by virtual consultation, you may schedule a free face to face follow-up consultation within two (2) working days.


Specialist referral and doctor’s certificate are included. Prescribed medication will be delivered on the same day to your doorstep.

Enjoy your first virtual consultation with a general practitioner with medication and delivery free of charge.
Exclusive access to superb services within the app at competitive rates!

Obtain your Member Code with just HK$100. (Receive an extra 25% off with payment made by Mastercard.)

Download and install app on AppStore or GooglePlayonlink_to_doctornow

Register a new account, and enter your Member Code in the “Group / Individual Membership Number” field

What’s the service? Will doctor certificate be provided?

Through the mobile app, Cigna Virtual Health Service brings together doctors from across Hong Kong and puts them at your fingertips in a virtual clinic, allowing you to book and consult with your preferred doctor from the comfort of your home or office. With this service, you do not need to visit a clinic in person and face lengthy waiting times. Cigna Virtual Health Service also offers specialist referral services, medication delivery to your door and even doctors’ certificates!

How to use this service?

To get started, you can first download and install “DoctorNow” app.

Then, register a new account and enter your Member Code in the “Group / Individual Membership Number” field. You can start using the service right away.

What’s the fee?

After registration, simply check out with your Member Code and use your credit card for payment. Extra 25% off will be received with payment made by Mastercard.

Can I make a claim to my medical insurance provider?

Electronic medical receipt and doctor’s Certificate for the consultation and medication will be provided upon request, you would be charged directly on the app and can make a claim later, and  expenses will be deducted from your benefit balances directly.

  1. This promotion (the “Offer”) is organized and sponsored by Cigna Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited (“Cigna”).
  2. To redeem the Offer, user needs to download a mobile application (the “App”) provided by a third party service provider and complete relevant registration with the App. Please make sure you enter your Member Code obtained from Cigna in the “Group / Individual Membership Number” field during registration process in order to redeem the Offer.
  3. The Offer includes 1) consultation fee, medication (except any special medicine) and delivery fee (except any outlying islands) from your first tele-consultation and 2) 3-month access to all in-app services at dedicated prices counting from date of registration.
  4. Charges not covered under the Offer will be born by user and can be paid through credit card.
  5. Enrolling to this Offer shall mean applicants having read and accepted the Personal Information Collection Statement of Cigna, and agree to Cigna's use of relevant personal data provided by the applicant for direct marketing of its related insurance products and services.
  6. Cigna will not pass any personal data collected from this promotion campaign to any other third parties.
  7. Cigna is not the owner or developer of the App, or the provider of relevant services, and so shall not be liable in any way whatsoever in relation to any aspects for the use and consequence of the service. The App and relevant services are provided by a third party service provider, subject to its terms and conditions, including but not limited to its working hours, applicable service fees and relevant restrictions. Please read through the terms before use. Any enquiries, disputes or complaints arisen from uses or services of the app shall be directly handled with the service provider.
  8. The Offer is not returnable and cannot be altered or redeemed for cash under any circumstances.
  9. Cigna reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and may withdraw or discontinue this promotion without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Cigna’s decision shall be final.
  10. The English version of the terms and conditions of the Offer shall prevail if there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions.