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Secure Your Health


Medical professionals help take care of peoples’ health but sometimes the help doesn’t come affordable. Cigna safeguards your health by offering comprehensive personal medical insurance plans to relieve the financial pressure so that you can focus on recovery.

You can tailor your own health insurance from the 7 valuable benefits(including core outpatient, outpatient surgery, supplementary outpatient, dental, accident, cancer and vision) according to your needs. You can customize your protection to close your protection gaps.

With just six years of premium payments, this health insurance plan provides you with ten years of protection including coverage of hospital expenses, surgical expenses and a cancer benefit in the event of the first confirmed cancer diagnosis. Upon maturity at the end of the tenth policy year, you will receive a refund of 108% of your total premium paid, adding value to your wealth!
The extra cash value applies even if you have made claims on surgical, hospitalization, and postsurgical expenses, as well as the carcinoma-in-situ benefit.

This medical plan offers comprehensive worldwide medical coverage with no lifetime limit. It provides up to HK$50M annual limit and assists you against huge unexpected expenses on best medical treatment and services. The medical protection is designed to suit your every need, providing true reassurance for you and your loved ones.

This medical insurance plan saves you from hassle at times when you need to be hospitalized. The plan covers not only your hospitalization expenses , but also common expenses such pre-admission and post-hospitalization treatment,  cancer treatment, dialysis and more, enhancing your chances for speedy recovery. With cashless hospitalization at any Hong Kong network hospital, subject to pre-approval, you can get the hospital admittance without paying an admission deposit and you would not need to make any claim after discharge. A helping hand that works for you.

This medical plan provides annual medical coverage of up to HK$1 million with premium as low as a few dollars a day, enabling you to choose more advanced or better medical treatment when you need to cover major medical expenses.

Tailored for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. In addition to covering most of your medical expenses, this diabetes plan rewards you for the healthy progress you make, and provides you with tools for better disease management.

Cigna presents four featured medical insurance plans for civil servants and non-civil servants employed by the Hong Kong Government and their family members with exclusive discount. These plans cater to your various needs, providing peace of mind along your different life stages.

Cigna Health4Kids Premium Refundable Plan is a brand new solution that offers your children with comprehensive healthcare protection and wealth accumulation with guaranteed returns.

In addition to major disease coverage, preventive care for kids and hospital cash, this plan also allows you to accumulate wealth for your children and enjoy up to 118% cash value of your Basic Premium paid upon maturity, enabling you to provide a secure healthcare and financial plan for the next generation.

Our premier global health plan for expatriates offers global coverage you can use in Hong Kong and wherever you travel. Your health plan moves with you, even if you leave Hong Kong permanently. Customize your plan with a range of optional modules including Outpatient, Health & Wellbeing, Vision & Dental and Emergency Evacuation.