Worldwide Coverage Medical Insurance In HK - Cigna Plus Medical Plan

Cigna Plus Medical Plan provides annual medical coverage of up to HK$1 million for as low as a few dollars a day.

Hospital and Surgical Benefits up to HK$1 million

Supplement your existing plan with up to HK$1 million in hospital and surgical benefits per year.

Wide Range of Deductible Options for you to Tailor your Protection

Cigna Plus Medical Plan also comes with deductible options ranging from HK$30,000 to HK$200,000 per policy year, in addition to 3 plan levels of accommodation room type.

Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal

The policy is guaranteed renewable every year regardless of your individual health / claims record.

No individual premium loading

Premium will not increase due to changes in individual health conditions, claims records or occupation.

Worldwide insurance coverage

The medical plan covers your hospital and surgical expenses all over the globe, protecting you anytime anywhere.

Provide you with
HK$1 million
medical coverage

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Hospital And Surgical Benefits

Up to HK$1 million coverage for:

Room & board of up to 270 days per year

Surgical, anaesthetist's and operation theatre expenses1

Pre-admission and post-hospitalization treatment2, and MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan services at clinics

Worldwide coverage

Deductible options

Ranges from HK$30,000 – $200,000 per policy year to suit your specific needs

Issue age

From 15 days to age 75

Coverage Amount

For details of the coverage, please click here.


1. Anaesthetist’s Expenses and Operation Theatre Expenses are subject to 35% of Surgical Expenses payable.
2. Pre-admission and post-hospitalization Outpatient Expenses is subject to a maximum limit of HK$10,000 per policy year.

Terms & Conditions

Mr. Lee suffered from a Benign Tumor and needed craniotomy surgery and brain tumor excision. He was worried about the high risk and complicated nature of the surgery, as well as the expensive medical bills.

Luckily, Mr. Lee had enrolled ward level TopUp plan (with HK$50,000 deductible option) which helped him with the expensive surgery.

With only a few dollars a day, the Cigna Plus Medical Plan helped Mr Lee cover more than HK$480,000 medical expenses.

Total amount covered (HK$):

Plan BenefitsExpenses Incurred3Deductible1Expenses Covered (90% of remaining balance)Calculation Illustration
300,000 25,000 247,500 (300,000 - 25,000) x 90%
90,000 7,500 74,500 (90,000 – 7,500) x 90%
Operation theatre
120,000 10,000 86,625 247,500 x 35%
Other medical expenses 90,000 7,500 74,250 (90,000 - 7,500) x 90%
Total 600,000 50,000 482,625  
Expenses paid by Mr Lee 117,375  

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