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Cigna HealthFirst Choice Medical Plan saves you from hassle at times when you need to be hospitalized. The plan covers not only your hospitalization expenses, but also common expenses such pre-admission and post-hospitalization treatment, cancer treatment, dialysis and more, enhancing your chances for speedy recovery. With cashless hospitalization at any Hong Kong network hospital, you can get the hospital admittance.

  • Cashless hospitalization - we will settle payment directly with the hospital in Hong Kong on your behalf - saving you the hassle of paying a deposit and making a claim. All you need to do is to fill in a form to arrange pre-approval in advance.
  • Cancer treatment and dialysis benefit up to HK$160,000
  • Covers MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan carried out in a clinic
  • Option to extend your coverage to HK$1 million with Cigna Plus Medical Plan with a few more dollars a day
  • Simplified application process – just answer a few simple health questions to enroll the plan

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Room & board benefits of up to HK$3,200 per day, max. 270 days per policy year

No annual limit before age 65

Cover surgical, anaesthetist's and operation theatre expenses

Worldwide coverage

Pre-admission and post-hospitalization treatment, and MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan services at clinics are also covered


From 15 days to age 75

Coverage Amount

For detailed coverage amount of each Hospital and Surgical Benefits and Recommended Additional Benefits, please click here.

Cigna Lifelong Preventive Program

Free annual influenza vaccination, body check and skin consultation services

Discounts on vaccinations and health check plans


10% discount on first year’s premium

Health reward of up to 15% premium discount at renewal for no claim record

1st year 30% premium discount for child (from 15 days to age 17) if enroll together with his/ her parent

Supplementary Major Medical Benefit

Additional benefit of up to HK$575,000 per year to cover your inpatient medical expense.

Hospital Cash Benefit

A daily hospital income of HK$600 per day will be paid if you are hospitalized. The maximum benefit period is 182 days per hospital stay.

Outpatient Benefit

3 different levels of cover for your visits to General Practitioner, Specialist, Chinese Herbalist, Chinese Bonesetter, Acupuncturist, Physiotherapist, Home Consultation, etc.

Dental Benefit

Coverage includes scaling and polishing, oral examinations, extractions, fillings, X-ray, root canal fillings, etc.

Terms & Conditions


Mr. Wong often feels sharp and constant pain in his stomach. He went to consult his family doctor who carried out a PET scan for him in the clinic. Unfortunately, a malignant tumor of around 5cm was found inside Mr. Wong’s stomach.

Mr. Wong was advised to have immediate surgery to resection 2/3 of his stomach followed by chemotherapy. He needs to pay nearly HK$20,000 hospital deposit.

The 24-hour Cigna HealthFirst hotline pre-approved Mr Wong’s cashless hospitalization arrangement.

Chemotherapy is covered by "Cancer Treatment and Dialysis", leaving the "Other Medical Expenses" benefit to cover the miscellaneous hospital charges

The plan covers the PET scan and chemotherapy treatments conducted in a clinic that saved him the hassle of admission to a hospital.

Total amount covered (HK$):

  Maximum Limit of Cigna HealthFirst Choice Plan 2 Semi-private Medical Expense Incurred Amount Covered
Room & Board 1,600 x 14 days = 22,400 1,600 x 14 days = 22,400 22,400
Surgical (complex) 65,000 60,000 60,000
Anesthetist (complex) 16,000 16,000 16,000
Operation theatre (complex) 16,600 15,000 15,000
Other medical expenses (including outpatient PET scan) 21,500 48,000 21,500
Chemotherapy 120,000 8,500 x 15 times = 127,500 120,000
Total 288,900 254,900
Expenses paid by Mr Wong 34,000

Health Plan Name

  • Level Premium

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Health Plan Name

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Health Plan Name

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