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Cigna brings you comprehensive medical coverage and a complimentary healthcare concierge service to suit your health needs.

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Clinical service to take care of your health challenge

Cigna healthcare concierge service – Take care of your needs around-the-clock with the unique 1:1 dedicated Care Manager Service within Hong Kong.

The service is personalized to your needs

Our professional Care Managers will analyze your health condition, provide you suitable doctors for your selection, and help explain your treatment options.
We will help coordinate your treatment experience, including helping with hospitalization arrangements –providing practical and emotional support to you and your family.
We offer post-hospitalization follow-up clinic visits within 365 days after the completion of cancer treatment1.
You can enjoy cashless hospitalization arrangement2 across our worldwide network of 7,000+ hospitals.

Value added Service

Cancer Care at Home

Subject to professional oncologists’ recommendations, our customers may receive chemotherapy in the comfort of their own home with ease.

TeleHealth Consultation

Simply use your mobile device to virtually connect with a registered physician to offer you medical advice.

Cigna Medical Card

Enjoy up to 40% discount when receiving healthcare from our extensive partnered medical providers3 throughout Hong Kong

What kind of products can enjoy the all-round healthcare concierge service?

Limited time offer - Enroll Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan or Cigna VHIS Series – Flexi Plan (Superior) to enjoy a 6-month premium refund! Click here for details.


  1. Applicable to HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan only and up to 90 visits per policy year.
  2. Subject to pre-approval by Cigna. Medically Necessary and Reasonable and Customary basis will apply.
  3. Discounts offered by different Cigna medical network doctors may vary.
  4. The above services and benefits are applicable to medical plans of Cigna as shown above. For details, please refer to product brochure. Terms and conditions apply.
  5. Cigna reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions of the above healthcare concierge service or withdraw the service without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Cigna’s decision shall be final.

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