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Critical Illness

Risk of Critical illness continuing rises with age, it’s crucial to lock down your protection early in life while you are healthy. Nowadays, Critical Illness is not happened only on those unhealthy and the aged, but also among young generation. Cigna Critical Illness series provide you a benefit to support the medical expenses for treatment and recovery but also relieve your financial worries with peace of mind.

Comprehensive protection against 100 critical illnesses (61 critical illnesses and 39 early stage critical illnesses), and allows you to receive 100% of total premium paid at age 65.

Lifelong critical illness coverage against 100 critical illnesses with a choice of premium terms of 15 years or 25 years.

This plan provides comprehensive critical illness protection with a cash benefit upon the first confirmed diagnosis of a critical illness, offering you and your family crucial support during difficult times.

Provides comprehensive critical illness coverage with an automatic increase in protection up to 400% of original sum insured as you age, depending on the plan level you choose. You can enjoy a peace of mind knowing your increasing protection need is matched throughout your different life stages.