Healthy Travel with Children
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Healthy Travel with Children

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Bringing your kids on holiday is the best way to broaden their horizons and spend quality time as a family. But to ensure your holiday is a hassle-free one, it’s important to think ahead about any health-related challenges your child might face.1

1. Malaria-prevention


If you’re traveling to parts of the world where malaria risk is high, do take proper precautions. Ensure your family exposes as little skin as possible, donning lightweight long-sleeved shirts and trousers to guard against mosquitoes. To reduce the risk of mosquito bites further, use insect repellent with DEET.

2. Feeding infants


An infant’s digestive system is more sensitive to changes in environment and diet. Breast-feed wherever possible, and when preparing formula milk, used only boiled (and preferably distilled) water.

3. Vaccines


Immunization is a crucial part of early childhood healthcare. Before traveling, verify with your family doctor that your child’s vaccination program is up to date. Additional vaccines may be needed depending on your travel vaccination (e.g. measles, yellow fever and typhoid vaccines, if the child is old enough).

4. Sun exposure

To prevent nasty sunburns and prolonged exposure to harmful UV radiation, opt for PABA sunscreens which are gentle even on sensitive skin.

Early planning can help ensure your family stays healthy and safe during travels. Here’s to a worry-free holiday!


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