Emotional Management: What is Emotional Detox?
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Emotional Management: What is Emotional Detox?

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Mindfulness is a form of emotional management where you are able to respond to your experience and achieve optimum emotional wellbeing. Gaining emotional control means freeing yourself from unnecessary stress and discarding routines, habits and, sometimes, people who are emotionally toxic to you.

An emotional detox goes far more than getting rid of negative feelings—pain, guilt, stress, sadness, hurt and jealousy. An emotional cleanse requires the ability to process and control your emotions so that you are able to identify its causes and triggers.

Signs that you may need an emotional detox:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, depressed
  • Easily distracted
  • Being stuck on the past
  • Feeling that you are not good enough compared to others
  • Avoiding certain people, task or places
  • Substance abuse
  • Emotional eating
  1. Emotional Self Awareness
    The first step towards emotional detox is being aware of your own emotions. It is important that you do not suppress feelings so that you can learn how to control these negative emotions. An emotional intelligence assessment will help you find out your strengths and weaknesses in handling your emotions.
  1. Making plans
    Decide what you can do when these negative emotions rise up. Go for walks, record these negative feelings, speak to someone and seek professional help if you are feeling in a rut.
  1. Look beyond yourself
    Instead of constantly feeling sorry for yourself, indulge in a new hobby or activity. Doing volunteer work will help you gain another perspective and make you feel more positive.
  1. A complaint detox
    As you gain a new perspective, start a gratitude journal and try to not complain for a day and see how different that makes you feel.
  1. A gadget detox
    Constantly scrolling on your social media feed can fuel anxiety and loneliness. Periodically unplug from the gadgets and social media to reconnect with your surroundings and emotions.

Mental health has a profound impact on your physical health, it is high time that you get on an emotional detox if you have been feeling stressed out and depressed.


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