6 Tips to Boost Productivity When Working from Home
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6 Tips to Boost Productivity When Working from Home

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Working-from-home has been the new normal in the wake of the health crisis, where work could easily overlap into your home life. Self-discipline is required to ensure that you stay productive, yet not too overworked, as you embrace this new lifestyle.

Here are some tips to keep your physical and mental health in check when working from home:

  1. Keeping yourself disciplined
    Keeping to a regular routine helps to restore some semblance of normalcy in your work life. Changing out of your pajamas and taking a shower will make you feel refreshed for work.
  1. Having your own space
    Set up a dedicated workspace where you can work without distractions. Try to work on a desk and have a good chair to maintain good posture. Remote working may actually increase productivity, while you should refrain from working in your bedroom in order to have some detachment during bedtime.
  1. Build a social support network
    Social distancing and isolation while working from home can leave u feeling lonely. Schedule regular check-ins with your colleagues and managers through phone to talk about your work issues.
  1. Keeping your home ventilated
    Working in a stuffy and cramped room for long hours is bad for your health. If possible, keep the windows open to allow the fresh air in.
  1. Take a breather
    Do not forget to get up and have a good stretch, or walk around the house, just as you would in your regular office.

    Check out the below video for easy stretching exercises you can do at home to relieve your body and mind.
  1. Get active
    Engage in your hobby or a new activity so that you can fully detach after work. Explore new moves on youtube for instructor-led home exercises to keep you active and healthy whenever, wherever.


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