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Cost of Smoking


This health tool calculates how much it had been costing you on cigarettes and what you could save over your lifetime by stopping smoking now.

This health tool calculates how much it had been costing you on cigarettes and what you could save over your lifetime by stopping smoking now.

Please note that this tool does not include a rise in the cost of cigarettes when calculating future costs; the actual amount you spend will be higher.

While you may be surprised at the amount of money you spent on cigarettes over a period of time, smoking costs will be higher, given the cost of smoking-related illnesses, including treatment costs and missed work or school days. The more cigarettes you smoke, the longer you smoke, the more medical expenses associated with smoking-related problems such as lung cancer, heart disease, or emphysema.

Do bear in mind that the tool cannot calculate things that are not measured in money. People will eventually pay the price because of smoking. It may also affect the people you care about.

Calculation formula: (Average number of cigarettes smoked per day / Number of cigarettes in a pack) X (Cost for a pack) X 365 X (Total number of years the person has smoked or intends to smoke).



1. Stroke & coronary heart disease
2. Lung diseases including emphysema & chronic bronchitis
3. Lung cancer & cancer almost anywhere in the body
4. Infertility
5. Higher risks for birth effects & health issue for baby
6. Pregnancy risks, miscarriage & complications
7. Weakened bones
8. Damaged teeth & gums which can cause tooth loss
9. Vision issues from increased risk of cataracts & macular degeneration
10. Increased chances for type 2 diabetes


One of the world's
Leading public health threats
Low & Middle-income counties:
Where 80% of the world's, one billion smokers live
6 million: estimated number of people dying every year from tobacco
More than 5 million = direct tobacco use
Over 600,000: dying from breathing

Cost of Smoking

Average number of cigarettes smoked per day
Cost per pack of cigarettes
Number of cigarettes in a pack
Number of years you have smoked or intend to smoke