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In Hong Kong, 1 in every 10 people has diabetes, and the number continues to rise1; Diabetes can incur significant long-term medical costs and potentially lead to a wide range of complications. Cigna HealthFirst DiaMedic Plan is the pioneering solution for diabetic patients or people at high risk of diabetes.

  • Reimburses most of your medical expenses for in-patient under Basic Benefits.
  • Offers an annual health reward of up to HK$3,500 at each policy anniversary date, based on the figures in your latest health report.
  • Digital diabetes management tool – a mobile app empowering you to engage in day-to-day disease management.
  • Free membership of diabetic association “Angel of Diabetic”.
  • Free annual diabetic check up.

Health reward at each
policy anniversary
Up to HK$3,500

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Hospital Room & Board Benefit of up to HK$3,600 per day, maximum of 270 days per policy year

Cover surgeon's, anaesthetist's, operating theatre expenses, etc. in Surgical Benefit

Provide Organ Transplantation Benefit, Cancer Treatment and Dialysis Benefit, Rehabilitation Benefit and Palliative Care Benefit

Offer 180-day coverage for post-hospitalization visits to a clinic each time when you are discharged from the hospital or after surgery performed in a physician’s clinic

Cashless hospitalization arrangement at network hospitals in Hong Kong

Health Reward

We motivate you to get healthier each year by offering an annual health reward of up to HK$3,500 at each policy anniversary date, based on the figures in your latest health report.

Issue Age

From 15 days to age 75


Renewal is guaranteed regardless of any future changes to your health.


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Free membership of diabetic association “Angel of Diabetic” - Through this membership, you can join other diabetic patients in various classes on healthy lifestyle, get consultation related to diabetes, and purchase healthy food suitable for diabetics. This can also help you get support and educational information on this disease.

Free annual diabetes medical check up.

Digital diabetes management tool - empowering you to engage in day-to-day disease management.

Our Second Medical Opinion Service offers you an alternative medical opinion from a global pool of experts based at world-class institutions via our worldwide medical network, allowing you to make better-informed decisions.

Outpatient Benefits

Covers visits to a general practitioner, specialist, Chinese medicine practitioner, and acupuncturist, as well as expenses for dietetic guidance, prescribed western medicine, and diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests.

Terms & Conditions

Policyholder: Eliza, age 38, non-smoker

Background: Eliza’s mother suffered from diabetes. Because of her family history, Eliza worried about developing diabetes as well, particularly with the high medical expenses associated with the condition’s complications.

Plan Level: Superior

During a health check, she discovers that her HbA1c level is at 5.8% and fasting glucose at 6.3mmol/l, which puts her on the verge of being diabetic. Luckily, she purchased the Plan for a greater peace of mind, even facing medical expenses that may arise from diabetes.

Annual free check-up is provided to help Eliza to get a better idea of her health condition. 

With the help of personalized tips from Health2Sync, she realizes that her lifestyle was doing more harm than good, and that she needs to properly manage her diabetic risks. With the help from the educational content on Health2Sync, she begins to eat healthily and do exercise more often. Around the time of her first policy anniversary, she notices a remarkable improvement in her HbA1c and fasting glucose levels.

She submits her latest medical report to Cigna. Following assessment, she gets a health reward of HK$2,000 as a bonus for her efforts to stay healthy.

Health Plan Name

  • Level Premium

  • Coverage

Health Plan Name

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Health Plan Name

  • Level Premium

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