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Cigna 360° Well-being Survey

Hongkongers are among the five most stressed populations in the world

At Cigna, we believe well-being is a goal we can all aspire to and attain. That is why we conducted our 360° Well-being Survey, tracking the perceptions of health and well-being of individuals by looking at five key areas - physical, family, social, financial and work health. Now in its fourth year, the report is Cigna’s most global survey yet, covering 23 countries and territories.

The latest survey findings

The 2018 results of the survey show that Hong Kong’s overall Well-being Index has fallen for the fourth consecutive year to its lowest since the annual survey began in 2015. The index dropped from 58.6 in 2017 to 56.8 in 2018. Hong Kong people are also being ranked among the five most stressed populations in the world.

The stress of life takes its toll

The Survey unveils that nearly everyone is stressed in Hong Kong (92%), particularly Millennials (95%). Factors such as work (39%) and finance (27%) are the primary causes of stress. Although 75% of respondents think their stress level is manageable, 17% of respondents say they cannot manage; and Millennials (aged 18-34) report a higher level of unmanageable stress, at 26%.

Few seek professional help for stress

However, the survey finds that seeking professional help for stress management is still uncommon in Hong Kong. Only 10% of stressed respondents say they have spoken to a medical professional about their stress. More than a third (36%) think they can handle stress on their own. Cost is the greatest barrier to seeking professional help (45%), while one in five Millennials are uncomfortable about opening up or discussing the matter with a stranger.

Inadequate employers’ support for managing stress

Hong Kong is also one of the markets where employers’ support for managing stress is minimal. Some 60% of respondents receive no support from their employers. For the remaining 40% receiving support, only 13% believe it is adequate. When it comes to health support from employers, the majority of Hong Kong people seek tangible benefits like dental and cancer coverage, rather than professional stress management assistance.

For more detailed results of 2018 Cigna 360° Well-Being Survey, please click here.

The Cigna 360° Well-being Survey explores people’s perceptions on health and well-being across five areas – physical, family, social, financial and work health. Watch this video and find out more.


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