Cigna Telehealth Service

medical advice at your fingertips, always
Unlimited access to telehealth consultations
Service available any time, any place

Cigna virtual consultation service is here

Staying safe and healthy has become more important than ever before. To achieve this, remote communication has become a major part of our everyday lives – and nowhere more than in medical services. To tap into the benefits of virtual health, Cigna has partnered with global virtual healthcare company Teladoc Health, the global leader in whole-person virtual care. Teladoc Health ranked #1 among direct-to-consumer providers in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Telehealth Satisfaction Study, reinforcing how it is setting industry standards with its unified care experience.

Telehealth consultations available any time, any place

With this service, you can arrange to speak directly with trusted healthcare professionals anywhere1 in the world anytime2, all delivering a global standard of care. In many territories1 they have the qualification to diagnose, and prescribe medication (within safe prescribing guidelines). It’s convenient, fast, and easy to plan.

Rapid access to medical services

Cigna Telehealth Service enables you to schedule a phone call with a doctor typically within 1 hour, while video appointments can typically be scheduled on the same day of your initial booking request2. Phone and video consultations are available from 8am to 10pm (Hong Kong time), seven days a week (excluding public holidays).

Access to doctors worldwide for most basic medical issues

Cigna Telehealth Service is a truly worldwide offering that puts you in touch with the best registered medical professionals from around the globe. Wherever you may be travelling in the world, you’ll have access to a global standard of care. It’s healthcare you can trust, arranged to suit your needs.

One mobile device is the door to your virtual health consultation

Managing your telehealth virtual doctor consultations is easy – everything is handled through MyCigna app. The phone and in-app video options mean you have all the information at your fingertips whenever you need it. Using MyCigna app, you can find a doctor, choose a consultation time, and attend unlimited3 virtual consultation easily.

Customers who are insured persons of the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan, aged 18 or above, and who activate their account via the dedicated link are eligible to enjoy Cigna Telehealth Service.

If you meet the above eligibility requirements, please activate your account here.

For Insured Persons aged below 18, their parents (provided they are the Insured Person(s) of a Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan) could register the Cigna Telehealth Service upon provision of relevant information and add dependant under telehealth service of MyCigna account for them, i.e. the same account will be used for the parents and the Insured Persons aged below 18.


  1. Subject to the regulation requirements of licensed physician to providing service in the location.
  2. Subject to operating hours and availability of doctors. If you are outside of Hong Kong, a Phone Call / Video Call will be scheduled within 24 hours.
  3. The operating hours of the Cigna Telehealth Service are from 8am to 10pm (HK time) Monday to Sunday, except for public holidays. Video consultations are subject to availability.

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