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Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan offers comprehensive worldwide medical insurance coverage with no lifetime limit1. It provides up to HK$38.8M annual limit2 and assists you against huge unexpected expenses on best medical treatment and services.

  • Unlimited lifetime cover1, a range of hospital and surgical benefits, cashless hospitalization subject to pre-approval, and an annual limit of up to HK$38,800,0002.
  • Tailor your insurance plan with a range of geographical options, accommodation room types,  annual deductibles, and optional riders – Pharmacy, Outpatient, Dental, Maternity, Premium Waiver due to Cancer, and Deductible Discount.
  • Global medical network with over 7,000 hospitals and globally accessible 24-hour Cigna HealthFirst Elite Hotline.
  • All-round healthcare concierge service in Hong Kong, with a designated care manager providing assistance and advice when eligibility criteria are met.

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Hospitalization And Surgical Benefits

Comprehensive cover for hospital benefits, with full health insurance coverage in various medical expenses.

All your basic needs are fully covered, from hospital room and board to surgery, attending physician, specialist, intensive care, and private nursing fees, cancer treatment and kidney dialysis, rehabilitation, palliative care, and psychiatric inpatient treatment fees.

We offer you up to HK$2,000 in cash benefit for each day you’re in hospital or during compulsory quarantine for Notifiable Infectious Diseases3.

We cover all the medical appliances you may need, including pacemakers, stents, prosthetic ligaments, and metallic or artificial joints.

Extended benefits cover pre-admission and post-hospitalization outpatient expenses, post-hospitalization auxiliary treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, home nursing expenses, accident emergency outpatient treatment and accident emergency dental treatment, accidental death, and costs of local ambulance.

Issue Age

From 15 days to 75 years – with the exception of the Optional Maternity Benefits, which is issuable from age 18 to 45.

Insurance Coverage Amount

For detailed coverage amounts for each of the Hospitalization and Surgical Benefits and Recommended Additional Benefits, please click here.

Exclusive Privileges

Special offer: Enroll now to enjoy 10% off your first year premium.

Spouse discount: If both you and your spouse enroll on the Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan, you will both receive a 20% discount on your plans for the first year.

Children’s discount: Enroll with your children (aged below 18) now, enjoy a premium discount on their policies (not applicable to Optional Dental Benefits) - 60% discount on first year and 50% discount on later years until they reach the age 18.

Complimentary Benefits

Free annual health check-ups.

Our All-round Healthcare Concierge Service in Hong Kong provides you with access to excellent and personalized medical services.

Our Second Medical Opinion Service offers you an alternative medical opinion from a global pool of experts based at world-class institutions via our worldwide medical network, allowing you to make better-informed decisions.


1. The unlimited lifetime cover does not apply to Optional Pharmacy Benefits.
2. The Basic Benefits and Optional Outpatient Benefits under standard private room and semi-private room types are subject to an overall maximum annual limit of HK$38,800,000 and HK$23,800,000 respectively.
3. Notifiable Infectious Diseases refers to any kind of notifiable infectious diseases identified and defined and published by Hong Kong Government in accordance with the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Cap. 599). Annual Deductible does not apply to Compulsory Quarantine Cash.

Outpatient Benefits

Covers visits to a general practitioner, specialist, Chinese medicine practitioner, and acupuncturist, as well as expenses for dietetic guidance, prescribed western medicine, and diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests.

Pharmacy Benefits

A rider that covers medication costs for over 50 major diseases, including cancer and strokes.

Dental Benefits

Coverage includes scaling and polishing, fillings, dentures, crowns and bridges (only if necessitated by an accident), drainage of abscesses, intraoral extractions, X-ray, root canal fillings and routine oral examination.

Maternity Benefits

Covers the expenses arising from pregnancy, including prenatal and postnatal check-up fees, miscarriage, and normal or Caesarean section delivery.

Premium Waiver due to Cancer

A lump sum benefit amount which is equivalent to half of the annualized premium of the basic benefits is payable if the person insured suffers from first confirmed diagnosis of cancer.

Deductible Discount

With no-claim records in each policy year, you will be entitled to 10% deductible discount at next policy year which can be accumulated up to 100%. The higher your deductible discount, the lower the amount of deductible you need to bear.

You can be admitted to private hospitals for medical treatment in over 7,000 hospitals in our professional network worldwide, without deposit at admission or claim procedures after discharge. Simply fill in a form to arrange pre-approval and obtain a Guarantee of Payment Letter.

Terms & Conditions

Policyholder: Kathy, age 40, non-smoker

Background: Kathy worries about rising medical costs. She wants a medical plan that provides her with comprehensive coverage. She enrolls in Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan at age 40

Plan Level: Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan – Standard Private Room, Asia coverage, No Deductible

Optional benefits: Premium Waiver due to Cancer

Premium payment frequency: Annual

Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan offers comprehensive and superior benefits to ensure Kathy receives adequate protection throughout life’s journey.


Free annual health check-up is offered.

Diagnoses & Treatment:

Kathy was diagnosed with a 6-centimeter malignant tumor inside her large intestine at age 45. She was admitted to hospital for 14 days.

The following benefits are provided:

Premium Waiver due to Cancer
A cash benefit equivalent to 50% of the annual premium of her basic benefits as at the first confirmed diagnosis date is paid by Cigna.

Cashless Hospitalization
Cashless hospitalization is arranged by Cigna.

Healthcare Concierge Service
End-to-end Care Manager Service, Priority Booking at a local private hospital are provided as the number of
days for hospitalization meets eligibility criteria.

Hospitalization Expenses and Cancer Treatments
Room and Board, Surgeries, Other Medical Expenses, Chemotherapy and Target therapy are fully covered.

Hospital Cash
HK$2,000/day is paid for 14 days of hospitalization.


The following benefits are provided:

Post-Hospitalization Outpatient Expenses
Outpatient follow-up consultations are fully covered.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment
HK$600/visit is paid for 10 consultations.

Policyholder: Carl, age 30, non-smoker

Background: Carl wants affordable and comprehensive medical protection while he is young and healthy. He enrolls in Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan at age 30

Plan Level: Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan – Semi-Private Room, Asia coverage, Annual Deductible: HK$25,000

Optional benefits: Deductible Discount

Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan offers comprehensive benefits at an affordable premium. With his healthy lifestyle, the optional benefit helps Carl accumulate a higher deductible discount, thus increasing the coverage amount every year.

At age 33, Carl experiences a cruciate ligament rupture during his vacation in Australia, which is included
under his coverage. He was admitted to hospital for 4 days.

The following benefits are provided:

Deductible Discount
With his no-claim record for the past 3 years, the deductible has been reduced by 30%, becoming HK$17,500.

Cover of Hospitalization Expenses
Room and Board, Surgeries and Other Medical Expenses are covered after the deductible of HK$17,500.

Hospital Cash
HK$1,000/day is paid for 4 days of hospitalization.

Full cover for physiotherapy after discharge
His expenses for 20 visits to a physiotherapist in Hong Kong after discharge is fully covered.

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