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Cigna Hong Kong

Our Mission

Welcome to homepage.

Since 1933, CIGNA HK has been providing people with plans to secure happy and healthy lives for today and the future, our products and services include providing quality health care; offering retirement security; managing investments; and taking care of the unexpected.

Our customers are the reason why we exist and only with their satisfaction can we continue to be a market-leading provider. We are dedicated to providing innovative customer led plans which match real needs, ranging from individual life, accident and health to employee benefits programs. All our plans will be delivered through multi channeled marketing approaches to support the way the customer wishes to purchase their financial services, e.g. by face to face or telephone or internet, etc.

We are committed to our customer-led strategy of:

  1. Serving our customers and the corporation.
  2. Being appreciative of our customers' feedback.
  3. Tailoring our plans to suit individual customers.
  4. Valuing each contact with the customers as a chance to satisfy.
  5. Keeping close relationships with our customers so as to provide the most up-to-date information.
  6. Providing the most efficient, user friendly and convenient transaction methods for our customers.

This homepage is intended to keep you informed of our company development and give you the information you need anytime, anywhere.

Please take a tour of our homepage. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome and this will not only enable us to serve your needs, but to serve you better in the future.
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Our History


CIGNA HK has been providing insurance protection and services to the people and businesses of Hong Kong for years. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of CIGNA Corporation.


Our History

  • 2008 Relocation of Call Centre to One Landmark East, Kwun Tong.
  • 2007 Accredited ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems)
  • 2006 CIGNA implements domestication in Hong Kong and transfers its Hong Kong branch business to CIGNA Worldwide Life Insurance Company Limited and CIGNA Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited, which are authorized insurers in Hong Kong.
  • 2000 Grand opening of Sunning Plaza office.
  • 2000 New Call Centre in Quarry Bay opens.
  • 1999 New Training Centre opens.
  • 1997 New Chinese name (信諾).
  • 1996 Customer-related e-mail service establishes.
  • 1996 Introduction of employee benefits plan - MultiCare Plan.
  • 1996 A CIGNA company opens a representative office in Guangzhou.
  • 1995 A CIGNA company opens a representative office in Shanghai.
  • 1994 A CIGNA company opens a representative office in Beijing.
  • 1993 CIGNA Tower in Causeway Bay opens.
  • 1990 Telemarketing distribution channel started.
  • 1987 Individual life operations sets up.
  • 1983 CIGNA Hong Kong begins Employer-Employee benefits program.
  • 1979 First Hong Kong insurance company with a joint Direct Mailing program.
  • 1979 Establishes the direct marketing through partnership function in Hong Kong. Worked with Hong Kong leading banks, credit card companies and affinity groups.
  • 1946 CIGNA predecessor companies re-enters the CHINA market.
  • 1938 Hong Kong becomes the head office of a CIGNA company for China operations.
  • 1933 A CIGNA company enters Hong Kong market by opening a branch office when our name was INA.
  • 1932 CIGNA predecessor companies open its first complete foreign service office, in Shanghai, as the head office for Asia operations.
  • 1897 INA appointed Yang-tze Insurance Association, Ltd. as its agent in Shanghai and became the first American company to write insurance in China.
  • 1793 CIGNA predecessor companies insure goods exported to Guangzhou from Philadelphia on the Ship Sampson.
  • 1792 CIGNA predecessor companies insure goods exported to and imported from China on the Ship Washington.

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Our Brand

Our Name

The name CIGNA was created as a result of the combination of INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation. Our name mixes the letters INA and CG together. Today, CIGNA's service mark, the Tree of Life, symbolizes the corporation's culture, mission and products. Like a strong and healthy tree, CIGNA has deep roots.

In Chinese, the first two character (信諾) of our name represent trust and promise. These qualities are symbolic of CIGNA's commitment to provide its customers with the highest quality insurance products and services.

CIGNA Worldwide Insurance Company was incorporated in Delaware, USA in 1976. Its Hong Kong branch (CIGNA Hong Kong) was also duly authorized by the Hong Kong Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to carry on insurance business in Hong Kong.

In 2006, CIGNA was restructured to become a domestic company. Upon Court approvals, CIGNA Worldwide Insurance Company – Hong Kong Branch transferred the long term and general insurance businesses to CIGNA Worldwide Life Insurance Company Limited and CIGNA Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited respectively.

Our Service Mark

CIGNA's corporate service mark is based on the "tree of life" - a timeless symbol that represents growth, protection, stability, caring, nurturing - life itself.

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